Connochaetes gnou

Black Wildebeest

This distinctive-looking African herbivore is usually observed on migratory movements in search of alternative food resources.

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Length 1,70 - 2,20m
Weight 110 - 180Kg
Lifespan 20 years
Diet Shrubs and grass
Habitat Grasslands and Savanna
Reproduction 1 cub
IUCN Red List Status
Not evaluated
Data deficient
Least concern
Near threatened
Critically endangered

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Black Wildebeests are animals with dark brown fur, shorter in summer than in winter. Its tail is white. Both males and females have curved horns, which can reach 78cm each, forming a protective shield. They have a tuft of white hair on the snout and a black beard on the neck that extends to the chest.



Black Wildebeest live in herds and migrate together. Females and their offspring come together and form a herd and the strongest females are at the top of the hierarchy. Males form herds separately from females. Only the females take care of the offspring and they stay with their mothers until the birth of a sibling.
This species of wildebeest is distributed exclusively in South Africa. These animals inhabit areas of pastures and savanna, which can occupy up to 100ha per herd, depending on the amount of pasture available. They can go for a few days without drinking water.



Globally, the latest estimate for Black Wildebeest was for a total population of over 18,000, of which about 80% was in private reserves and 20% in protected areas.
Historically, the main threat to this species has been hunting pressure, habitat loss and periodic disease outbreaks. However, now that the species is recovering and numbers are increasing, the only significant threats are hybridization with blue wildebeest, which can occur when the two species are mixed unnaturally in a fenced area, as they do not cohabit. in the same zones and the loss of genetic diversity existing in small and isolated areas, leading to increased inbreeding within the species.

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