Zonosaurus quadrilineatus

Four-lined Girdled Lizard

Four-lined Girdled Lizard is a endemic species of Madagascar that lives in subtropical/tropical dry forests.

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Length 20 a 40 cm
Weight 150g
Diet Invertebrates and vegetables
Habitat Subtropical/tropical dry forests
Reproduction 1 to 2 eggs
IUCN Red List Status
Not evaluated
Data deficient
Least concern
Near threatened
Critically endangered

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They have a dark background coloration, with four white stripes running lengthwise across their body, to which they owe their name. The limbs may be speckled with white, and the belly is white or pinkish. They are robust lizards, with strong limbs and a long tail (about twice as long as the distance between the snout and the cloaca). Males are usually larger and more robust than females and have more distinct pores on the hind limbs than females. The ventral scales are overlapping one another.



It is a species with terrestrial and diurnal habits and is most active in the summer when temperatures are higher. It has the habit of digging holes, which it uses to hide.



The mating period occurs between February and March. Females lay 1 to 2 eggs at a time and incubation lasts 58 to 65 days.

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