Python reticulatus

Reticulated Python

The largest snake of the Python genus and one of the largest in the world can reach up to 11m.

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Length 11 m
Weight 150 - 170 Kg
Lifespan 32 years
Diet Chicken and rabbit
Habitat Forest
Reproduction 25 - 80 eggs
IUCN Red List Status
Not evaluated
Data deficient
Least concern
Near threatened
Critically endangered

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They have a slightly yellowish and brown colouring over the dorsal part of the body, with a pattern on the skin with complex geometric designs and a series of diamond silhouettes on the back. The female tends to be larger and heavier than the male.



It is an arboreal and territorial animal and is easily found in or near watercourses, allowing them better movement due to their length. Like all reptiles, the Reticulated Python sheds its skin whenever its body grows. These animals do not see well and, due to the absence of ears, use physical movements to communicate with each other. It is the largest of Python's snakes and one of the largest in the world.



The Reticulated Python is not endangered, however, as per Appendix II of CITES, the trade and sale of its skin is regulated to ensure its survival is not compromised. This species is not listed on the IUCN Red List.

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