The biggest and greenest Zoo in the North Portugal

Located less than 10 minutes from the city of Porto, in Vila Nova de Gaia, the Zoo Santo Inácio was born from a dream of a family passionate by nature, which belongs to Aveleda group.


It opened its doors in 2000 in order to bring the community closer to nature and wildlife, warning for the growing importance of wildlife conservation worldwide.







1,5 Milhões


In 2014, the Zoo Santo Inácio became part of the Thoiry Group, which seeks to strengthen the movement for the conservation of nature, joining other zoos such as:

Conservation is our mission

Bringing the awareness of wildlife protection and animal welfare are the main concern of Zoo Santo Inácio. For that reason all animals live according to their source environments by providing them the best conditions for living healthy and express genuine behaviors. The engaged participation in nature Conservation, mainly of the most endangered species, is the core of Zoo Santo Inácio mission.

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All species that inhabitat the Zoo Santo Inácio live in natural environments, according to its origins, providing them with the best conditions, to keep them happy, healthy and with natural behaviors.


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The large and green habitats spread over an area of 15 hectares help to create a natural atmosphere, transforming Zoo Santo Inácio in a special place.


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Through the worldwide exchange of endangered species, we contribute to a genetically diverse population so that they reintroduced into their natural habitat.


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The captive breeding has been instrumental for the Conservation of Endangered Species and the role of zoos has been indispensable in achieving this mission.


Biodiversity is essential for sustaining life on planet Earth. But every day there are hundreds of species that go extinct.

The active participation of Zoo Santo Inácio has as main lines of action:


Reproduction  Image

Cooperation in over 40 European breeding programs of endangered species (EEP) and the European species registry system (ESB).


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Creating conditions for a high genetic variability of populations and maintain the animals healthy so that one day they may return to their places of origin.


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We Educate by bringing our Visitors into contact with wildlife, and explaining the natural behaviors, using educational materials.